• Basics
    Flexible Metronome contains basic metronome functionality playing clicks from 20 up to 300 bpm. Start and stop the metronome by tapping the top area, panning changes tempo.

  • Flexible Training Patterns
    Design custom training patterns, containing multiple measures and beats. Colorize, rename and repeat measures.
    Mix different time signatures within one pattern.
    Even Triplets are supported.

  • Sound Presets
    Choose between different Presets like Woodblock or DrumKit Sounds.

  • Pattern Library
    Save, rename and search training patterns.
    Flexible Metronome reminds the last used pattern.

  • Visual Feedback
    The click indicator and the track bar gives feedback about the actual position while Flexible Metronome is playing. The current beat number is displayed and yellow highlighted on accented clicks.

    The dot indicator above the beat number simulates the original pendulum movement.

  • Speed Training
    Open the advanced tempo editor to configure speed training by tapping the tempo button. Just enter target tempo and time to begin the training.

  • Tap Tempo
    Quickly tap in a new Tempo with the TAP Button.


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